Incoming mail quotas have a soft limit and a hard limit. As you approach the soft limit, you will be sent automated email warnings that you are reaching or have exceed your quota and that you need to reduce the size of your inbox. A larger 'hard' limit is then in effect for a grace period of one month. If you do not drop back down below the soft limit within a month, or if you exceed the hard limit your email account will become unusable. It's important to note that your email quota is only affected by what's in your inbox. Mail stored in other folders and kept in your home directory affects your Disk Quota.

Email Quotas
Soft limit
Hard limit

How to control your email quota: 

  • To minimize the size of your email inbox, use other mail folders within your home directory.
  • Also make sure that messages that you are marking for deletion are actually being removed. Some mailers will not actually remove messages until you 'Empty Trash', 'Purge' or 'Compress Folder'.
  • Most popular mailers will also have a configuration setting that will remove the deleted messages at the end of each session. We suggest that you turn this setting on.
  • For Outlook Express, select Inbox, right-click, select properties, click Local File tab, click the Compact button.
  • Check for large attachments in your email. Even with a small number of emails, you can be using a lot of space. All mail programs should offer a way to see the size of each email message.