The College of Engineering now offers automatically maintained aliases for COE classes and departments. This program uses OSU Data Warehouse information to find out which students should be members in the alias. You don't have to know the students' login names. You don't have to collect the names yourself or ask the students to add themselves to the list. It is all done automatically. When we get updated information from Data Warehouse, all lists are updated. New students are added and withdraws are removed.

Currently, we have to manually obtain the Data Warehouse information, so the information doesn't change on a defined schedule. It is downloaded frequently (every couple days) at the beginning of the term, and less frequently as the term progresses.

This program is only able to add and remove students who are registered with the university. If you want other people on the lists (TA, professor, visitors, auditors), there is a mechanism to add them as well. You will either have to specify these people when the list is setup, or you can mail support at a later date.



Each list can have the following options:

owner: the person who support will contact if questions arise. If reports of alias additions/deletions are requested, the owner receives them.

special members: any people you want in the list who are not registered students.

notify students: if this is enabled, the students will be emailed when/if they are added to or removed from the list. Here are samples of mails to the students when they are added or  removed  from the list.

notify owner: if this is enabled, the list owner will be mailed whenever we have new Data Warehouse information AND there is relevant changes or notes about the list. Relevant changes include students added or removed. Relevant notes include a list of students who can be in the list, but do not have email accounts that we know of. This mail will be in the form of an owner summary .

major: You can select members of the list based upon their major(s) and (optionally) grade levels. For example, you can have a list for all students majoring in your department. Or, you can have a list for all Freshmen majoring in your department. You can have the list encompass several majors and/or levels. We need to know the MAJOR CODES as defined by Banner. So, if you don't know, please coordinate with your department secretary. Level is their current grade level. You can tell us Freshmen, etc. or you can use the proper Banner designation (001, 002, etc). It will eventually be changed to the Banner codes, so if you know exactly what you want, please tell us.

Please read the caveats below regarding the end and beginning of term and how it affects group memberships.

class: You can also have lists that are based upon class and (optionally) sections. A list can encompass several classes, such as a 400 level class and 500 level class. If you want just want certain sections of the class in your list, be sure to specify that.

list name: we want to keep uniform names for these lists. We prefer class list names start with 'class-'. For example: 'class-cs101'. And department lists should start with the department. For example: 'me-ungrads'. When you request a list, we will see whether the name is already in use or whether it just doesn't seem appropriate.

create date: If you want to plan in advance, you can request that a list be created at a future date. It can be configured but won't be touched until that date. Or, you can specify 'now' for as soon as we get to it. If you want the list created at the 'beginning of next term', please save us some work and tell us exactly what day that means.

delete date: If you want a list for a class, it is usually appropriate to have the list stop being processed and marked for removal at the end of the term. If you know when you want the list removed, you can specify it when you request the list. Or, you can mail support to have it changed. If the list is perpetual, like a department list, you can chose 'never' for delete date, and it will not be removed.


Sample Student Mails

The following is a sample mail that a student would get when they are added to the list IF you select 'notify user'.

You have been added to the mail list class-me132@ENGR.ORST.EDU

If this is a class list, it will be removed at the end of the term.

If this is a department list, it will be updated throughout the term and for future terms. If you register late, you may be removed from the list and re-added when you do register.

u do not have an ENGR account, but have accounts in ECE or CS, your ECE or CS account will initially get mail from this list. If you later get an ENGR account, your mail from this list will go to your ENGR account. If you have questions about how to forward mail from one account to another, refer to the web page:

If you have questions about this mail list, contact the list owner: joefaculty@ENGR.ORST.EDU


The following is a sample mail that a student would get when they are removed from the list IF you select 'notify user'.

You have been removed from the mail list class-me132@ENGR.ORST.EDU

If it is a class list, then it is likely that the class is over or you have withdrawn from the class.

If it a department list, you might have registered late or are no longer registered in the department.

If you really should be on the list, you might want to wait a couple days and see if you are automatically re-added. If not, you can contact the list owner: joefaculty@ENGR.ORST.EDU


Sample Summary For List Owner

If you have chosen 'notify owner', you will get a summary like the following on the days that there is something interesting to report.

The mail list class-me132 was updated.

Previous number of members: 10
New total number of members: 13
Potential members: 15
Special members: 2

New members (added today): 4
Deleted members: 1

People with no email, not in list: 2

New additions to list:

Deletions from list:

No email account yet: (name plus last 4 digits of ID)
6789 AAstudent, Joe
8723 BBstudent, Sally

The list is only as good as information we get from Data Warehouse. If you have a department list, you probably will NOT want to enable 'notify user'. Some students do not register right at the beginning of the term. So, they will be automatically removed, and then re-added when they do register. Similarly, you may not want to totally depend on these aliases until the number of changes diminishes. It would be wise for the list owner to get the summary reports. That way you can keep tab on the number of changes and number of people without email addresses. You might recommend that they get email addresses (so they will be added to the list) -- since you should have their name and enough of their student id to identify them.

The list owner may also want to be a member of the list. That way they are sure that the list is working properly and they will know if someone else mails to the list. If the list owner wants to be on the list, put yourself in the special members area.