Follow these steps to configure Outlook 2010 to work with your engineering email.

    • Open Outlook 2010.

    • Upon first start, Outlook may prompt you to go through it's startup wizard. Complete the wizard and continue to step 3.

    • Goto the menubar and click "File->Info->Add Account"

    • Check the box that says "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click "Next"

    • Select "Internet E-mail" thne press "Next"

    • Fill in the following information.
        • Fill in your name and your engineering email address.
        • Select IMAP as Account Type
        • Incoming and Outging mail server is:
        • Enter your engineering username and password and check the box remember password so that Outlook won't prompt you every time for it.

      Don't press "Next" just yet

      • Once all the required information is entered press "More Settings".
    • Click on the "Advanced tab".
      • Make sure the incoming server's port is 993 and uses SSL for encryption.
      • The outging server's port should be 465 and it also uses SSL for encryption.

    • Click on the "Sent Items" tab.
      • Choose to save sent itmes to a folder on the server.
      • Next click the + button next to mail to expand the subfolders.
      • Now select the sent-mail folder.

    • Now Click on the "Outgoing Server" tab.
      • Check the box saying that the outgoing server requires authentication
      • Now make sure that it is set to use the same settings as the incoming mail server

    • Now click the "General" tab and under Mail Account give the account a name

      Once finished press OK.
    • In the Add New Account window you can now press Next.

    Congratulations! Your engineering mail account should be all set up.