Slack is a group messaging and collaboration platform that helps bring together people, information, and productivity tools in one place. The College of Engineering IT Team is pleased to announce that a license has been acquired that will cover all of our faculty, staff, and students.

Use of Slack in the OSU College of Engineering will be guided and governed by the OSU Acceptable Use Policy, The Student Code of Conduct, and the documentation on the OSU HR Policy Page

The Engineering Slack Grid has been approved for use by the OSU Registrar's FERPA Officer.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, launch it and enter oregonstate.enterprise, as the workspace Slack URL and click continue.

Then click Sign in with ONID to be prompted for your OSU SSO login credentials - if you are using DUO two factor authentication you will also need to perform that step.

Slack ONID login

After successfully logging in, you should see the slack interface and any workspaces and channels you've beed added to.

The next thing you'll want to do is edit your profile, adding a photo, job description, title, etc. Now you are ready to start Slacking!

By default, there are two channels within a workspace: #general and #random. New channels can be created to suit your groups needs, but it's recommended to start with the defaults until you have a clearer understanding of what your needs will be. The #general channel is for all work/research related discussion and #random is intended to be a virtual water-cooler of sorts. Private channels can be created, but Slack "culture" encourages most things be discussed publicly as to avoid "information silos" that might obscure information otherwise useful to the entire team.

When inviting internal OSU collaborators to join your workspace, make sure to use their official email address as listed in the OSU directory.

Next, you may want to add some apps to your workspace. OSU Box and Google docs and calendar are likely candidates - but there are many more integrations available.

Thread your replies 
Keep comments on topic and bundled up together. A good way to encourage this is when starting a new topic or conversation, make the first post a "title" - you can even bold it by using asterisks like so: *This is a topic title* - then immediately start the thread yourself by giving details in the first comment. This will provide a visual cue for others to comment in the thread instead of a new standalone comment. To reply, in the desktop app, hover over the message and click the "Start a thread" or "Reply to thread" button:
thread message

In the mobile app, click the message itself to see the reply options.

Manage your notifications
The default in Slack is send you notifications for EVERYTHING. This can be overwhelming - changing the setting to only notify for DMs, mentions & keywords might be a better choice.


Make sure you haven't missed anything important
Go to preferences as we did above, and select "Sidebar", under "Additional Options" check "Show All Unreads" - this view will now appear at the top of your sidebar just below the "Jump to..." field.

Customize your Slack "theme" with a Beaver Nation color scheme
Copy and paste the hex values below into a Direct Message to yourself and click "Switch sidebar theme". You can also share this customization by posting it to any channel or DM.


Learn more about using Slack!
We hope these tips help you get started being productive with Slack! For more tutorials and information, check the Slack help pages at

Between Shared Channels, guest accounts and bringing emails into Slack, there are plenty of ways to work with people outside OSU.