Class Slack Workspaces are created in TEACH under Faculty/TA Tools -> Class Administration -> Class Slack Workspace

What is Slack?

Slack is a collaboration hub, where you and your students can work together to share, discuss, and engage with learning on a deeper level. Slack is a searchable platform for messaging, content sharing, and integrations with other software tools. 

Why would I want to use Slack in my course?

  • Interact with your students more effectively & build a more human connection online
  • Improve faculty-student engagement and interaction
  • Create a digital classroom community, with students supporting each others’ learning
  • Dramatically reduce email volume by communicating in open channels & building a shared searchable archive
  • State-of-the-art user experience & mobile compatibility
  • Use a tool that is broadly adopted across public & private sector industries.
  • Remarkably easier to alert the class about assignments, schedule changes, or helpful tips
  • Work with community partners & industry collaborators – through shared channels or guest accounts
  • Works on mobile, desktop, and in browser - continue the converstion at your own pace on whatever device you choose!


Separate instances of Slack that are managed by OSU COE. A workspace has its own admins, permissions, channels, apps and is meant to facilitate complex collaborations amongst a focused group (ie; research or classes) over a long period of time.


Context-based conversations where group of people can communicate and interact on a common topic or project. Channels can be public or private and can be shared across multiple workspaces if need be.

Direct Messages

1:1 communications with fellow students, colleagues and coworkers across the college. Video, Audio or text chat with up to 8 participants is supported.

Slack Interface

Channel Name

Provides first-glance insight into what conversation is contained in the channel. This should follow a shared convention for consistency across the college.


Enter search terms here to query publicly shared information in all channels, workspaces, and direct messages you participate in across the organization

Chat Box

Once you are in a channel or DM, you can type text into the message box and send it to the channel or direct message to communicatie. You can also use the + icon to upload files or attach documents from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other cloud storage services that have been configured.