If you are enrolled in a course that requires the use of SolidWorks, please use the methods below to access the software. Not for research related use. If needed for research, please contact support@engr.oregonstate.edu.


Windows computers and Citrix Workspace.

Who Can Use This Software

All College of Engineering students can use SolidWorks.

Access To Software

There are three ways to access SolidWorks:

  1. (RECOMMENDED) Citrix Receiver - Download the Citrix Workspace app and sign in with your ONID username and password. Select the "MIME EECS" desktop, and run SolidWorks from there.
    Note that you must be connected to a campus network while using Citrix; if you are not, use the campus VPN.
  2. Engineering computer labs - Kelley 1130, Batcheller 041/045, Dearborn 115, and Rogers 336/338/340 should all have SolidWorks on the lab computers.
  3. Personal laptop installation - SolidWorks can be installed on a personal computer by downloading the installer here (ONID authentication required).

If you are working in research groups or on research projects that are not course related that require the use of SolidWorks, please email support for more information in obtaining a research license.

Access To Online Portal And Support

The official SolidWorks website has an installation support section here: https://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/student-installation-guides-and-support.htm.