Abaqus is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering. The College of Engineering has teaching and research licenses for Abaqus. Abaqus can be used for research only by purchasing a license. Contact support for information and pricing. Please include your sponsoring professors information.

Dassault Systemes also offers a free limited version of Abaqus.



Windows Desktop computers and Linux.

Who Can Use The Software

Faculty and Graduate Students can use Abaqus with appropriate licenses.

All students, researchers, and educators can download the free Abaqus Student Edition for personal and educational uses.

  • An account with Dassault Systemes is required to get the student edition.

View Realtime Licensing

Abaqus licenses currently in use: https://order.engr.oregonstate.edu/phplicensewatcher/details.php?listing=0&server=0

Access To Software

For Windows Desktop computers, contact support to request software installation.

Download the free Abaqus Student Edition from: https://academy.3ds.com/en/software/abaqus-student-edition

  • The Free Student Edition is only available for 64 bit Windows platforms.

Access To Online Portal And Support

Documentation & Guides: https://www.3ds.com/support/documentation/overview/

Knowledge Base: https://www.3ds.com/support/knowledge-base/

User Communities: https://www.3ds.com/support/users-communities/

Training: https://www.3ds.com/training/

General Support: https://www.3ds.com/support/