Accessing UNIX server using MobaXterm (SSH)

Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol used to allow secure access to a UNIX terminal. MobaXterm is the recommended application to use for SSH connections from a Windows operating system.
MobaXterm allows you to access your files and email stored on the engineering servers, and provides a UNIX environment to run programs that some courses require.
MobaXterm can be used to do this from any Windows computer, on or off campus. One benefit of MobaXterm is that it "tunnels X11 connections" back to your computer from the Linux host.

MobaXterm is installed on all engineering computers running Windows and is available from Software Center on faculty and grad student desktops.

To download MobaXterm on your home computer visit the MobaXTerm Homepage:

If you need help downloading or installing MobaXterm, or have trouble with these instructions, contact support.

Read more about forwarding X windows with MobaXterm here: Run an X11 Application on Windows

MobaXterm Installation