Oregon State University has our own AWS Organization. If you want to request for an AWS account please fill up this form

It is your responsibility to follow OSU policies when using and administering AWS resources, including:
- Research compliance policies: ITAR, …
- Data governance policies: campus policy, FERPA, and others

You will be billed monthly, and charged to the index you provide.

We are using ONID login or Single Sign On (SSO) for our AWS account. The URL is http://login.oregonstate.edu/apps/aws. The general AWS console login will not work for SSO login. All access to the account is provision through grouper, unless you create IAM account.

If you just want to try out, we can apply for credit like $300/month for 6 months, you are welcome to specify how much you need. Please remember that AWS does not sleep, so turn off the resources that you do not need. If you cross the budget threshold, you will receive and email to alert you, the email does not turn off any resources! It is still up to you to turn off anything you do not want.

If you have any questions, please email coe.support@oregonstate.edu