The College of Engineering has disk space available for faculty to store and share class related files. This disk space is available from all computer platforms. So, even though there may be several ways to get to the files, all paths will lead to the same place.

The class directory can be created by faculty members at the TEACH website. Login and select "Class Administration" which displays various options. When you create the directory, you will be asked for the Engineering login names of any other people (faculty or TAs) that will need access to the directory. A group will be created, which you can update later if needed.

Final note for instructors: Please clean up files and directories when the class folders and contents are no longer needed. You should consider writing the old files to a CD after the term is completed. Contact your department computer support staff for information on how to do this.

The following are the paths from the different computer platforms. First is a generic example. The second is an example of a specific case for the CS 361 class.

  • Unix: /nfs/farm/classes/DEPT/TERM/CLASS
  • Windows \\farm\classes\DEPT\TERM\CLASS
  • Macintosh From Finder Menu:
    Go-> Connect to Server -> -> classes -> DEPT -> TERM -> CLASS
    Go-> Connect to Server -> -> classes -> eecs -> fall2013 -> cs361
  • Web** (Faculty see note below)

** Just like a student or faculty account, only files in a public_html subdirectory will be available from the web.