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MailMan is a very powerful mailing list. Features include public or private archives, a web interface for administration, and the ability to moderate the list (approve postings).

With this type of list, you have the option to add all of the list members by hand and/or allow members to add themselves. The list owner is responsible for maintaining the list and its members.

This type of list is recommended for general discussions. If the list is intended for a class or a department-wide list, use one of the Automatic list types.

Automatic MailMan: (create within TEACH)

With the Automatic MailMan list, members are automatically added and removed based on banner data. In addition, you have options such as: public or private archives and the ability to moderate the list.

You can add additional (non-banner) members either at the time the list is created or by emailing support.

Note that we used to offer Automatic Alias lists (automatically maintained standard mailing lists). However, the spammers were really abusing them, so we're going to only offer Automatic Mailman for student lists at this time.

For more detailed information about how the Automatic mailing lists work, read the Auto Mailman Information page.