Faculty can perform the following for each class they are teaching (according to the student information system):

These are available by accessing the TEACH Page and then selecting Login to ENGR. Then the instructor can choose Faculty Class Administration from the left side of the page. The resulting web page will offer several choices, including the ability to add or remove a web assignment configuration. The following are the characteristics of the web assignment submission:

  • Any modern web browser should work. The browser will need to support secure connections and allow cookies.
  • Assignments will have a due date. It is optional whether submissions past that due date are accepted (and marked as late) or whether they are completely denied.
  • The submitted files will be owned by the professor (or a different account if so designated).
  • The files can also optionally be readable and writeable by a group, so the professor and TA(s) all have the same access.
  • The student will have no access to the files once submitted. However, they may repeat the submission. All submissions are saved, in case there are any questions.
  • The student may also optionally submit a note with the assignment, in case there are any special instructions or comments.
  • The assignment submission form will have a number of file upload fields. The professor will define the maximum number of files that the student may want to upload when submitting the assignment.
  • When submitting assignments, students get a pull-down list of available (defined) assignments for only the classes and sections that they are registered.
  • Faculty (and TAs if given administrative rights) can also submit files, in order to test the configuration and see what the students see.