Follow these steps to configure Thunderbird to work with your engineering email.

    1. Open Thunderbird
    1. If the "Mail Account Setup" pops up continue on to step 3. Otherwise go to the menubar and click "File->New->Mail Account...".
    1. Enter your name, your engineering email address and your engineering password. Check Remember password so that Thunderbird doesn't prompt you for it each time. Now press "Continue".

    1. Thunderbird will now autodetect most of the other settings that need to be set but you will still need to press "Manual Setup".

    1. Under Server Settings make sure the following are correct:
      • Server Name: and port is 993
      • Username is your engineering username
      • Connection Security is SSL/TLS

  1. Next under "Copies & Folders" do the following:
    • Check the box "Place a copy in:"
    • Select other and in the drop down menu to the right you will need to naviagte down to mail then navigate down to the sent-mail subfolder.

    This will save a copy of any outgoing mail to the sent-mail folder on the server.

That's it! Your engineering account should be configured correctly for your use in Thunderbird.