Help Desk Logo

The purpose of the helpdesk is to assist students in getting the most from their laptops for wireless classroom instruction. We will provide the following services:

  1. Configuring the wireless network card
  2. Assist students in signing up for ENGR and ONID accounts
  3. Assist students in setting up printing from the wireless network
  4. Assist students in installing site-licensed class software
  5. Assist students in installing recommended software (SSH client, AntiVirus, etc)
  6. Provide information on updating virus definitions and critical operating system updates.
Please remember to clearly label your laptop and all its accessories with your name and contact information.

During the school year, the helpdesk is located in Dearborn Hall 120A and is is open all week, 9am-10pm, including weekends. The summer hours for the helpdesk are from 9am-5pm Friday.

If you are teaching a class using the wireless laptops, please feel free to send any students who have trouble getting connected or installing software to us. We will have flyers available for you to hand out.

Our goal is to make our wireless network and classes using the wireless network as easy to use as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support. That address will remain your email point of contact.

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