National Instruments is a company that provides a suite of software used to run lab equipment. The College of Engineering uses LabVIEW for most of its instruments in its laboratories.

The LabVIEW software is free to all OSU students.


Windows Desktop Computers 

Who can use the software

LabVIEW is available to all students and faculty. Signal Express and other NI software are available on request.

If you are installing LabVIEW on an Engineering Windows Desktop, do not activate the product, contact for an academic site license instead.

Access to software

To install NI LabVIEW Student Edition, visit:

In order to activate the license for this software, visit and use the serial number found here

If you have already installed LabVIEW and need drivers, visit:

Access to online portal and support

For information about licensing visit:

For information about how to use LabVIEW visit: