COE Information Technology provisions 2 types of mailing lists for its community based on their needs and in accordance with the policies outlined below. If you would like to request a list, please review the provided information, and then submit the form below.

OSU prefers Exchange Distribution Lists (DLs) over MailMan where possible. They integrate well with Exchange, requiring all members to have OSU accounts. Exchange DLs allow emails from non-members and offer moderation options. They are simpler to manage than MailMan.

MailMan is a full-featured mailing list with a web interface that provides for administration, moderation, and public or private HTML archives. Members can be added manually or self-subscribed, with the list owner responsible for maintenance. It's recommended for general discussions, but if intended for a class or department-wide use, consider automatic list types. 

List Type Comparison
Feature Exchange Distribution List Mailman
Members OSU only OSU and non-OSU
Self manage membership list Yes Yes
Allow members to add themselves Yes Yes
Mass subscription No, added individually Yes
Can moderate messages Yes Yes
Web archiving No


Complexity simpler, easier to manage harder, more complicated
Exchange integration and compatibility with campus email Great Could be problematic at times
High traffic list Not recommended OK

Engineering will support mailing lists that meet the following guidelines:

  • Maintenance of the list is performed by a member of the faculty, staff, or student body who is the owner of the list. The owner confirms that the list meets the guidelines on this page. The owner is the contact in the event a system problem arises, or an abuse of the network is detected.
  • A list owner is designated to maintain the list, answer inquiries, track down address changes, remove subscribers who violate list guidelines, and remove addresses causing mail loops. When absent, the owner must ensure that an alternate performs these tasks.
  • The list owner (or alternate) must read mail regularly.
  • The purpose of the list is for OSU-related business.
  • Use of the list conforms to the Acceptable Use Policy of OSU.
  • In situations where the list is interfering with normal operation of the computer system or network, Engineering will notify the owner (or sponsor). Engineering will shut down the list if the problem is not corrected promptly.
  • In the event that a list is running without a list owner, due to a retirement or re-location, Engineering will contact the list and give a two week deadline to find a new owner. Engineering will have no alternative but to shut down the list if a new owner is not located within the two week period.
  • Lists that have received no new messages for 18 months or more will be archived. Archived lists will be maintained and can be restored for up to 18 months upon request to Engineering support. 
  • Archived messages will be retained for 18 months.

Submit your request

After you've reviewed the options and information above, please fill out and submit this form. Please be sure that email addresses that you give below (for initial list members and your own email address) are correct. We may need to contact you if we need more information. Contact Engineering Support if you have any further questions.