Mentor Graphics' PADS is a CAD tool for designing PCB layouts and schematics.


Windows computers (Windows 7, 8.1, 10).

Who Can Use The Software

PADS is available to all engineering students and faculty, but cannot be used offline or on a non-OSU network (unless you're connected via the VPN).  

Access To Software

The college has arranged for a site-license for PADS through Mentor Graphics that will allow you to use the software free of charge while connected to any campus wired or wireless network or using the campus VPN.

Follow the below instructions to download, install, and configure the software.


  1. Click here to download PADS version VX.2. It's 3.6GB, but the installation requires 6GB of space.
  2. Enter your ONID username and password to start the download.
  3. If you haven't already, connect to a campus wired or wireless network, or connect to the VPN if you're off campus.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded, extract it and open the pads.vx.2 folder.
  5. In the pads.vx.2 folder, extract the file and open the PADSVX.2_ESDM folder. Run "PADSVX.2_mib.exe" and wait for the installer to open.
  6. Once the installer is open, click "Next." Ignore the information about the hardware key/dongle.
  7. If the installer says "Current license detected," click "Next" to proceed with the installation. If not, go to step 9.
  8. It may take a few minutes for the final install window to come up, but once it does just click "Install" and wait until it finishes. You're done! (it will ask if you want to register the product, but this is optional)
  9. For licensing the software manually: click "Licensing" and then select "Network/Floating Licensing," and then "Next." Enter "2717" for the port number, and "" for the host name (no quotes).
  10. Click "Next" and accept the license agreement when prompted to. Continue the installation normally, and you should be good.