The College of Engineering offers MySQL databases to official COE student groups.

To get a database for your student group, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a College of Engineering student group.
  2. Must have the approval of the faculty advisor (a COE faculty member) for the group.

Each student group will get the following:

  • One database accessible only from the OSU network.
  • Two accounts on the database server. One with full permissions to the database, one read-only to the database
  • You may have up to 50MB in the database. There is no quota, but the use will be monitored. If usage exceeds this amount, account access may be disabled.

Use of these databases are strictly for the purposes of the student group and should not be used for personal information. Use should adhere to the OSU Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities.

If your student group needs a MySQL database, your faculty advisor should send an email request to support.