Since the introduction of the wireless network in the College of Engineering, we have already seen a significant increase in computer virus-related traffic. At times this traffic is interfering with the performance of the wireless network. In an effort to decrease the impact, we are providing this page as a means of getting information to our wireless users to make sure their machines are free from virus infection.

Who can get a virus?

Any computer is susceptible to viruses, but currently most viruses are targeted at Windows machines. If your Windows computer has not been updated with the latest security patches and anti-virus software, you may be at risk of being infected, or may already be infected.

Where can I get the latest security updates?

Microsoft provides an easy-to-use update service for all Windows operating versions 95 and later. From home or after connecting to our wireless network, simply go to the Windows Update application in the Start menu.

Where do I get anti-virus software?

For Windows 10 we recommend using the built-in Windows Defender.

More information will be provided on this page as available.