The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science uses 'print release stations' in the graduate student offices at Kelley Engineering Center. When a job is sent to a physical printer from your laptop, desktop or a Citrix Xen session, the job is held at the printer until you release the job.

The Print Queue

The name of the printer is EECS-GradPrint on the server 'engrprn.engr.oregonstate.edu'. This queue should have already been mapped on all desktop computers in EECS grad student labs. See below for directions on printing to the queue from wireless devices.

If you are looking to add a printer to your laptop visit this page: http://it.engineering.oregonstate.edu/adding-printers

This single print queue is used for all graduate student office spaces. When a job is sent to this queue, it may be release from any graduate student office in Kelley Engineering Center.


Each currently enrolled student taking a class in the College of Engineering is allotted a print quota of 1000 pages per academic term. Although printing in EECS grad student offices will count against this quota, if you go over 1,000 pages per quarter, you will not be charged. We ask graduate students to only print university related documents and not abuse this service.

What is a page?

A page is defined as a printed side of paper. If you print a one page document, it counts as one page. If you print a two page document in duplex, it prints two sides of a sheet of paper, so it counts as two pages.

Requesting Refunds

If a print job fails to print, or the printer malfunctions, the job may still be charged against your quota. It's a very easy process to request a refund of those pages. Visit the following site:


  1. Login using your ONID username and password
  2. Click "Recent Print Jobs" in the menu
  3. Find the job you want a refund on. Click the "Request Refund" link on the right


  1. Specify the number of pages as well as a reason for the refund and click Send
  2. You will receive an email confirmation when the process is completed.

How to release a print job

At the Printer

The easiest method (but can result in waiting in line) is at the printer itself. Each printer is equiped with a touch screen and a card swipe.

  1. Login by using either your OSU ID card or providing your OSU ID number.
  2. Click "Release print jobs"
  3. Select the job you want to print

Using the desktop app (in computer labs and Xen Desktop)

  1. In the upper right hand corner of your computer dektop is an app that displays your balance.
  2. Click on "Details" and login to PaperCut.
  3. Under "Jobs Pending Release" find your job and release to the printer of your choice.

Mobile Release (Recommended)

You can also use your smart phone to release a job. To set it up, you need to be on eduroam, OSU_Access, or OSU_Secure wireless. Using the web browser on your smartphone, visit


  1. Login using your ONID username and password
  2. Let it add an icon to your start screen
  3. Select the printer you want to release to in upper right. The printers will be clearly marked with their name. Important: You must choose the correct print server (winprn, linprn) that you printed from. If you printed from Windows or Mac, choose winprn\printername. From linux, choose linprn\printername
  4. You should see your document available for release. Click release.

Web Print

You can also print from a laptop without having to install printer drivers.

The online submission form on https://engrprn.engr.oregonstate.edu:9192/app

  1. Login using your ONID username and password
  2. On the left hand side bar, navigate to "Web print" and click "Submit a Job"
  3. Select the printer you wish the print from and number of copies you wish to print
  4. Upload the document (pdf, picture file, Word doc, Excel or PPT) and then send the print off with the "Upload & Complete" button