OSU College of Engineering Mailing List Policy

Fill out and submit this form to request a Mailman mailing list in the College of Engineering. Please be sure that email addresses that you give below (for initial list members and your own email address) are correct. We may need to contact you if we need more information. Contact Engineering Support if you have any further questions.

Name of List :

Name should not include spaces, but should be either longer than 8 characters or include one or more dashes or underscores.

List Owner:
Email address

Should the list be archived on the web?
Mailman can automatically create html archives of list traffic.
Yes No

Should archive be private?
If you choose to have a web archive, should a password be required. If you chose not to archive, then ignore this option.
Private Public

Subscription Policy?
Confirm sends an email to the subscriber, asking to confirm the request to add them. Approval asks the list owner to approve subscriptions.
Confirm Require Approval Confirm and approve

Should the list be moderated or not?
In a "moderated" list, any message will be directed to list-owner for approval and distribution.
Moderated Unmoderated

Monthly reminders?
Should Mailman send monthly password reminders to subscribers?
Yes No

Purpose for the list:
Brief explanation of what and who the list is for.