Sometimes when using the computer labs or Citrix Apps/Desktops, you may find that software doesn't behave normally.
Resetting the Windows profile is a simple reset of your software settings and can often solve these problems. It has no impact on the documents you have saved, it only resets software settings.

Before You Reset Your Windows Profile

Use a personal device, such as your personal laptop/desktop, tablet, or phone.

Before you can reset your Windows Profile, you must:

  • Be logged out of all College of Engineering Windows computers (lab/open computers and Citrix Apps or Desktops.)
  • Note: To properly log out of a Citrix Desktop session, you must log out using the Start Menu. Clicking the X will only disconnect your session and not actually log you out. (Below, the first example is from a Windows computer and the second example is from a Mac computer.)


How To Reset Your Windows Profile

Browse to T.E.A.C.H and log in with ONID username and password

On the right side menu navigate to Reset Windows Profile under the Account Tools section and follow the prompts.

T.E.A.C.H Menu

After You Reset Your Profile

Log back into a lab desktop or Citrix

  • If logging back into Citrix, click the drop down menu next to the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Refresh Apps.
  • Launch the software you were using before on the lab desktop, or launch the Citrix App or Desktop. Software should be working as normal again.


If you have any problems with resetting your profile or retrieval of old data email