In TEACH, students, faculty and staff can create a wiki site in their personal web space. Once it is created, the software will be kept up-to-date by IT support. This can be done because the wiki software uses a central code repository. What gets stored on your web site is only a config file and the contents of your own wiki.

Creating a personal wiki

The setup is pretty easy:

  1. Login to TEACH
  2. Under the "Account Tools" menu on the left, click "Personal Web Tools"
  3. Click the "Personal Wiki" link
  4. If you do not have a wiki already, click "Create". If you do, you'll see the URL to your wiki and a remove button.

That's all there is to it. You should get a confirmation that your wiki is setup and a link to your wiki site.

How to access the wiki

Your wiki is located in a 'wiki' directory in your personal website. So the URL would look like this (substitute your ENGR login name for 'username'):

How to get started

The default wiki install includes an OSU-themed style and some basic content. It is setup to be readable by everyone. But only the owner of the wiki can edit it. The login is your ENGR username and password.

On the right-hand menu of the wiki are links to several guides including "Basic Editing" and "Initial Setup Tasks". There's some very good information there. Below that are links to several pmwiki sites that may also offer useful information. Or you can contact support.