ShareLaTex is an online collaborative LaTex editor that allows real-time collaboration in your browser with other ShareLatex users.

OSU College of Engineering now offers this to our users free of charge.

If you would like to sign up for ShareLaTex first fill out this form.

After your request is processed you will receive directions from OSU COE IT on how to complete your registration.


What is my username?
Your username is your OSU email address and must be in the form of

Where do I save work to?
Students work on so the website is the primary data store. Dropbox and github are optional secondary sources.

How does deprovisioning of accounts work when I leave OSU?
Every year users are removed from the licence. Students reactivate their subscription to the university licence through an email conformation to their registered email address.
Once your OSU email address is removed, you can no longer upgrade.

Where do I get help?