The College of Engineering has a site license for STAR-CCM+, a single interface multidisciplinary simulation tool (single/multiphase flow, combustion, CHT, structural, particle) that contains CAD, geometry import/preparation/wrapping, meshing, visualization, and automation.


Windows Desktop computers and Linux.

Who Can Use The Software

The College of Engineering now has two licenses for STAR-CCM+:

All systems in the College of Engineering by default use a minimalist license for light usage of STAR-CCM+.

If you plan on heavily using STAR-CCM+ (the minimalist license isn't enough) read the Power-on-Demand section below.

This license can be used for instruction.  For research or installation on personal laptops or desktops please contact

Power-on-Demand License

Link to license key and software download.

How to use PoD license


  1. Open STAR-CCM+
  2. Click on "File" in the top left menu bar
  3. Select either "New Simulation" or "Load Simulation"
  4. In the pop up window check the box for "Power on Demand" and make sure "Power Session" is checked also.
    • Server:
    • Power-On-Demand Key: Paste your PoD key here

Command Line:

Add the following command line options:

  • -licpath
  • -power
  • -podkey your_PoD_key

Example: starccm+ -server -licpath -power -podkey o9CXoABQmdGVB7Yv95B2krVyFYQ -load Full_Path_To_SIM_File

View Realtime Licensing

STAR-CCM+ licenses currently in use:

Access To Software

Students and faculty with ENGINEERING Windows desktop computers can install STAR-CCM+ via "Software Center", found in the start menu. Linux users can find STAR-CCM+ in /usr/local/apps64.

Get Software Support from Siemens

You can register an account with Siemens for access to their support portal. Do NOT use your OSU ONID credentials for this account.
Siemens Support Center