The College of Engineering has a site license for STAR-CCM+, a single interface multidisciplinary simulation tool (single/multiphase flow, combustion, CHT, structural, particle) that contains CAD, geometry import/preparation/wrapping, meshing, visualization, and automation.


Windows Desktop computers and Linux.

Who Can Use The Software

The College of Engineering now has two licenses for STAR-CCM+:

All systems in the College of Engineering by default use a minimalist license for light usage of STAR-CCM+.

If you plan on heavily using STAR-CCM+ (the minimalist license isn't enough) read the Power-on-Demand section below.

This license can be used for instruction.  For research or installation on personal laptops or desktops please contact

Power-on-Demand License

Contact and request access for STAR-CCM+ Power-on-Demand License

COE Support will generate a Siemens account for you.

You will use this account to generate a Power-on-Demand license to use with STAR-CCM+

How to set up a PoD license

  1. Login to with the generated Siemens account 
  2. Mouse over "Products" and then "StarCCM+" and select "Licensing"
  3. Click on "Manage Keys"
    New key
  4. Click on the Green plus sign to create a new key ​​​​​
    • Alias: Name your key
    • Valid From: Set the date and time for when you will start using the key
    • Expires on: Set the date and time for when the key will expire and you will need to make a new one
    • Max Hours (optional): Either set a max number hours of credit that may be used with this key or select "Allow End of Credit"
       Generate PoD key
  5. Click on Add key

How to use PoD license

  1. Login to with the generated Siemens account 
  2. Mouse over "Products" and then "StarCCM+" and select "Licensing"
  3. Click on "Manage Keys"
  4. Click on the PoD key you would like to use. In the pop up window - right click and copy the key ​
    Copy Key


  1. Open STAR-CCM+
  2. Click on "File" in the top left menu bar
  3. Select either "New Simulation" or "Load Simulation"
  4. In the pop up window check the box for "Power on Demand" and make sure "Power Session" is checked also.
    • Server:
    • Power-On-Demand Key: Paste your PoD key here

Command Line:

Add the following command line options:

  • -licpath
  • -power
  • -podkey your_PoD_key

Example: starccm+ -server -licpath -power -podkey o9CXoABQmdGVB7Yv95B2krVyFYQ -load Full_Path_To_SIM_File

View Realtime Licensing

STAR-CCM+ licenses currently in use:

Access To Software

Students and faculty with ENGINEERING Windows desktop computers can install STAR-CCM+ via "Software Center", found in the start menu. Linux users can find STAR-CCM+ in /usr/local/apps64.

Access To Online User Portal And Support

All help manuals, and support is done online via the company portal.

An account is required to use the support resources - contact to get a Siemens account if you don't have one already.

Our license includes access to online resources including:

  • Access to training
  • Technical support
  • Knowledge base
  • Tutorials
  • User guide


Through STAR Academy training in the Steve Portal, users can go through e-learning courses on STAR-CCM+ fundamentals, multiphase flow, heat transfer, and optimization on demand and can complete these courses at their own pace. This interactive system is fully narrated, includes simulation demonstrations, quizzes, and more! STAR-Lab is a live in-person training exercise that follows completion of STAR-CCM+ e-learning modules. STAR-Lab is intended to provide a controlled environment for engineers new to STAR-CCM+ to practice what they have learned, as well as to expand their understanding of problem solving using STAR-CCM+. The exercises for STAR-Lab Day will include CAD creation, surface import and repair, boundary assignment, meshing set up, physics model selection, report creation, and post processing for a range of geometries. See our calendar for scheduled virtual STAR-Lab days. Please contact me if you would like to attend a session and have fulled completed each section of the STAR-CCM+ foundation e-learning course. An outline of the e-learning courses are shown below, for more information please go to the training tab in If you do not have access to let me know and I will enable this for you. To access the e-learning courses please go to the portal, click the training tab, and click training for academics. From here you can view the free training courses or pay $30 for access to all e-learning courses for 1 year.

Self-paced e-Learning Modules

Basic Overview of Computational Fluid Dynamics 1 Module
STAR-CCM+ Introduction 10 Modules
Heat Transfer Fundamentals 6 Modules
Eulerian Multiphase Flows 4 Modules
HEEDS MDO Introduction 15 Modules
3D-CAD Fundamentals with Optimate 3 Modules

Knowledge Base And Documentation

The knowledge base includes an extensive array of FAQ's, a Video Library, and other self-help resources. To help you get started, we have created a video that shows how you can use the Steve Portal to debug and/or solve a typical CFD issue. The documentation contains both the user guide and tutorials. The STAR-CCM+ User Guide contains ~14,000 pages of very detailed information. The tutorials have been specifically designed to provide new users with step-by-step instructions for a variety of applications, physics, and other topics such as automation and optimization. The tutorials are accessible in both the steve portal and in the STAR-CCM+ interface under Help.

Help with PoD Licenses

Check out this video tutorial on how to set up and use a PoD license:

Warning: This video requires login for steveportal to be viewed