The College of Engineering provides and supports a robust, technology rich platform for building web sites based primarily on the LAMP platform (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). Our servers provide a useful assortment of tools to help you complete your task.

When thinking about building a new website, this document is a good starting point. It will provide you with a list of resources, tools, frameworks and platforms that are supported, and generally available on engineering servers.

You may choose from the following tools already available on our servers when deciding on a platform to build your project with. This will help us provide you with the best possible support going forward with your project.

Scripting Languages:

Database Engines

Web coding tools

  • BlueGriffon - Open Source. Available in Engineering labs.

Image Manipulation

IT Supported Content Mgmt Systems and Project Management Tools:

  • pmWiki - wiki, blog, image gallery (available for self-installation via TEACH)
  • Drupal - centrally managed installation. Not available for personal sites.
  • Redmine - Project management, wiki, issue tracking.

If the available options will not meet your needs, we are open to suggestions for new tools and platforms. However, they must fit into our environment without creating significant additional complexity or maintenance requirements. Send email to providing links to the requested package(s) and the IT staff will review your request with the following criteria in mind:

  • Scalability - the tool or package must easily support multiple users and groups
  • Manageability - the tool or package will not be unusually difficult to deploy and maintain
  • Uniqueness - must provide features not available with existing tools or packages

If we decide not to directly support an application, but our platform provides the necessary prerequisites without administrative involvement, the individual or group is free to install on their own provided they follow best practices outlined by the web agreement.