This document, provided by College of Engineering Support, is a supplement to the OSU Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities which is always the final authority in any issue related to computing or networking within Oregon State University.


  • Email attachments should be under 3 or 4 MB.  To transfer a larger file, link to it from Box, OneDrive or Sharepoint.
  • Don't send unsolicited email, especially to large groups of people.
  • Don't send mail that could be offensive or inflamatory to the recipient(s).
  • Email is not encrypted by default; don't assume it is secure.  It is not the right medium for sensitive information.

Web Pages:

  • Don't put offensive or copyright material on your web page.
  • Setting up webcams, BBS's or other web-based services is not allowed.

File sharing / serving:

  • Do not start "services" on Engineering computers.  Services allow remote connections to your computer for access to files or other information.  Examples are web servers, remote desktop, IRC servers, KaZaA, etc.

Games and competitions: 

  • Games are allowed but only if they are not disruptive to the network, computer, and/or those around you.
  • RC5, Seti@home and other similar Non-OSU Engineering competitions or collaborations are not allowed on COE computers.


  • Performing network scans from or to the Engineering network is not allowed.
  • Do not connect a computer to the network without permission from Computer Support.
  • Do not hijack IP or MAC addresses.