This document, provided by College of Engineering Support, is a supplement to the OSU Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities which is always the final authority in any issue related to computing or networking within Oregon State University.


  • Email attachments should be under 3 or 4 MB.  To transfer a larger file, place it in your public_html folder and send a link, or upload to Google Drive or Box and send a link.
  • Don't send unsolicited email, especially to large groups of people.
  • Don't send mail that could be offensive or inflamatory to the recipient(s).
  • Email is not encrypted by default; don't assume it is secure.  It is not the right medium for sensitive information.
  • Check or forward your Engineering and ONID email accounts.  They will be used for class and account relevant information.

Web Pages:

  • Don't put offensive or copyright material on your web page.
  • Setting up webcams, BBS's or other web-based services is not allowed.

File sharing / serving:

  • Do not start "services" on Engineering computers.  Services allow remote connections to your computer for access to files or other information.  Examples are web servers, remote desktop, IRC servers, KaZaA, etc.
  • Beware that most bittorrent clients are also servers.  Bittorrent clients are only allowed if the server portion is disabled.

Games and competitions: 

  • Games are allowed but only if they are not disruptive to the network, computer, and/or those around you.
  • RC5, Seti@home and other similar Non-OSU Engineering competitions or collaborations are not allowed on COE computers.


  • Performing network scans from or to the Engineering network is not allowed.
  • Do not connect a computer to the network without permission from Computer Support.
  • Do not hijack IP or MAC addresses.