Listed below are the supported services provided to the different user groups in the College of Engineering. While support will make every effort to help address issues outside of this list, users can only count on getting support for the items listed below.

General Services

The services listed below are provided to all users in the College of Engineering (Undergraduate Students / Graduate Students / Faculty / Staff) 

  • Computing accounts for using College computer labs and resources.
  • Email accounts for reading mail locally or forwarding elsewhere.
  • Disk space for home directories that is backed up nightly. Home directories are shared across all OS's and available off campus as well.
  • Personal web space.
  • Applications from basic office productivity software to course specific software are available all College provided computers.
  • Wireless network in all College buildings.
  • General use labs in several buildings.
  • Print resources in different locations throughout the College. 
  • General access servers that users can access from on and off campus to run applications on. 

Advanced Services

Faculty, staff, and graduate students may be provided additional resources as listed below.

  • Desktop computers for all faculty and staff are provided and maintained by the College or departmental computing staff. Graduate students may be provided computers for course or research work. Only computers provided through the University, College, or Department are supported by support staff.
  • Administrative disk space is provided for collaborative purposes for office staff. It is supported in the same manor that home directory disk space is supported.
  • Research server and disk: Support provides a mechanism for researchers to acquire servers and disk space dedicated to their research projects. The support for these resources is based on an agreement between the researcher and the support group involved.
  • Email lists are provided for courses, research groups, and administrative needs.
  • Web resources are provided for courses, research and administrative needs. This includes disk space as well as some commonly used packages such as wikis, surveys, and others.
  • Computer related purchasing, including peripherals, is handled by the departmental computer administrator
  • Office located print resources: Faculty and staff may have access to printers located in departmental offices and other locations.