The following services are routinely provided College-wide by the members of the COE computing and networking support team:

  1. Computing accounts for COE faculty and staff, COE majors, and for all students enrolled in COE courses.
  2. Email services are provided for all College users as well as email-lists for classes and departments.
  3. User training on the computing support web pages provide basic self-guided training materials on security, use of email and Web facilities, file maintenance, etc.
  4. Instructional unix and windows labs for core engineering courses and general, shared access to commonly used software. Special instructional facilities required by non-core courses are expected to be provided by the appropriate department.
  5. Printing in all Engineering computing labs, subject to a printing quota per user.
  6. Other peripherals such as scanners and CD or DVD recorders are available in numerous, but not all College labs.
  7. Software used by three or more departments is routinely acquired and managed by the College.
  8. Web services are provided by the College for departmental, course, and personal web pages.
  9. File storage is provided for all Engineering users, department offices, courses, and student groups.
  10. Backups are run nightly on all Engineering file servers.
  11. Security and monitoring is provided for all College labs and server facilities through video surveillance, keycode/magstrip locks, and computer padlocks.
  12. Network: The College provides each department with a 1 Gbs network connection. This includes all campus fiber rental fees associated with provision of basic network service. Where departments are distributed across two or more buildings, duplicate facilities will be provided to each building; this does not apply to buildings used only by research centers. (Departments assume responsibility for network equipment and wiring beyond that entry point.)
  13. Wireless service is provided to all College faculty, staff, and students in all College buildings. For more information -