When your ENGR account is created, a folder called 'public_html' is created as well. This folder is your 'webspace' and anything you put in there will be available to the internet-at-large via the address http://web.engr.oregonstate.edu/~your_engineering_username

public_html from Engineering Windows PCs

By default, when you log into your engr account from an Engineering Windows PC, your webspace is available as your "Y" drive. Which is available by going to "My Computer".

public_html from windows

If the Y drive for some reason, doesn't show up in "My Computer" can easily access it by typing \\stak.engr.oregonstate.edu\public_html into the windows Explorer address bar.

network address

Important note: Also mounted by default is your Z drive, which contains your entire ENGR home directory, including public_html. You DO NOT want to put files into your public_html directory through the Z drive. For the sake of security and your own privacy, restrictive permissions are put on everything added into Z. 

The result of working on your web pages from the Z drive, is an inaccessible/broken website.

If this should happen, you may log into the TEACH website and use the "Reset Web Directory" option to make your site accessible again.

public_html from Mac OS X

From the Finder's "Go" Menu, select "Connect to Server", then enter smb://stak.engr.oregonstate.edu/users/[myONIDusername]/public_html in the location bar. (replace [myONIDusername]with your actual username)

From the mac



When prompted, supply your ONID username (in the form of username@oregonstate.edu) and password, afterwards your public_html folder will be mounted as a network drive on your desktop.

Available modes of access for the purpose editing or manipulating files within public_html are smb/cifs (samba), sftp, ssh, and nfs.

public_html from UNIX/Linux

Double click your home directory folder on your desktop and then your public_html folder.