Adding printers to a computer can be quick and simple, whether you are using Windows or MacOS. You can find instructions for both below.
There are many shared printers in the college, and some have restrictive permissions. Undergrads should always use COEprint as in this example.

If you have any problems adding a printer to your computer you can contact

We find that using the Webprint service can often fix common issues with print drivers on personal devices. 


To set up a printer in Windows, go through these instructions:

  • Connect to OSU Wi-Fi, either in-person or through the VPN.
  • Use the Windows's Search button, find the windows system setting - "Add a printer or scanner"

  • Click on "Add a printer or scanner" -> "Add Device" -> After a few seconds, the "Add manually" option will appear, click on that


  • Pick the "Select a shared printer by name" and click on "Browse"

Select a shared printer by name

  • Type "\\" into the search bar and "Enter"

  • If prompted for credential, please use (and your ONID password)
  • Find COEprint and highlight it, and press "Select"

  • Click "Next" to continue

You should now be able to print from any Windows application.




Note: There is an issue with special characters (!@#$%^&) in passwords and printing over the network from OS X 10.7 clients. To avoid re-authentication prompts and errors, Mac users can change to a strong password using only alpha-numeric characters.

  • Open "System Preferences"
  • Open "Printers & Scanners"

System Prefs

Click the "+" button

click plus button to add

If using a mouse, hold the control key and click the blank space next to "More Printers" and click "Customize Toolbar"

If not using a mouse, two finger click the trackpad at the same location.

Drag "Advanced" from the item list onto the toolbar. Click "Done".

Click "Advanced". It may take 30 seconds to complete

For Type, select "Windows printer via spoolss". URL is "smb://".

Name the printer COEprint and choose a driver.
NOTE: The "Generic PostScript Printer" has been not working for SOME versions of MacOS. For the "Use" option, we suggest we using "Generic PCL Printer"

  • COEprint is a network queue that allows printing to release stations in the College of Engineering. To add a specific printer: replace COEprint with the name of the printer.

Click "Add". You will be prompted for features of the printer. Select the checkbox for Duplex printing. Click OK.

Setting Up

After you send a test page to the new printer, you will be prompted for your ONID username and password. Username should be in the form
You can choose to remember the password to avoid being prompted every time you print.

authenticate printer

Notice: If you input the wrong password (or when you change your password), the job will sit on your mac's spooler indefinitely.

You will need to click on the printer icon in your dock and resume the job to be prompted for your credentials again.

When your ONID password changes, will need to update the credential in the keychain for


Go to the printer settings and add a new printer

Open the 'Network Printer' drop down menu and select Windows Printer via SAMBA

  • smb://
  • Check 'Prompt user if authentication is required'

You may be prompted to install and additional software package called smbclient - go ahead and install it

Choose Driver: HP

Choose Driver: LaserJet MFP M725

Installable options:

  • Check Duplex Unit
  • Tray 4: 1500 Sheet Input Tray
  • Tray 5: 2000 Sheet Input Tray

Name and describe printer as COEprint

Print test page - The test page may say it failed to print, ignore that

Go back to Printers and right click COEprint and select View Print Queue

Your print job will have a "held for authentication" status - right click the job and select 'Authenticate'

Log in with ONID\username and your ONID password.

The print job should show up in Papercut and be able to be released at desired printer.

After 'printing' to COEprint your print job can be released from any of the COEPrint stations in the College of Engineering.

Visit for help on releasing print jobs.