BlueBeam is a Civil Engineering Communication Platform that is used in courses at OSU. The standalone Revu installation features modes like Standard, CAD, and eXtreme. Revu eXtreme is licensed by OSU and free to all engineering students.


Windows Desktop Computers (MacOS will be discontinued, Fall 2020)

Who can use the Software

Revu BlueBeam is available to all engineering students.

Access to Software

Revu BlueBeam is available on the CCE/CBEE desktops in Citrix.
It is also available for download on personal laptops (see below).

Download the newest version of Revu here.

To register Revu BlueBeam eXtreme download the license information here.

Bluebeam has stopped development on future versions of Revu for Mac.
A final update, Revu for Mac 2.1, was released in December 2019, and the official End of Life date was March 1, 2020.
It is no longer available except as a trial install. See Bluebeam's page on the Covid-19 crisis for more details.