To install Windows on VMware Fusion, you need three things. An Intel Mac, VMware Fusion, and a Windows CD/DVD or .iso image.

1. VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is available through the VMware Academic Program (VMAP). You can access this service from TEACH:

  • After logging in, go to the "VMware Academic Site Login" link under "External Sites".
  • This will take you to the OnTheHub VMware academic storefront. Click "VMware Fusion for Mac".
  • Click "Add to Cart".
  • Click "Check Out".
  • Read and accept the license agreement.
  • Put in your name and email address and click Next.
  • Click "Proceed with Order".

At this point, you can click the "Download Options" link and follow the instructions to download Fusion. After the download is complete, run the installer. This will install the VMware Fusion product. 

The product serial number can be found by viewing order details under "Orders & Downloads" in your account profile on the VMware Academic  Site.

2. Download Windows

For this step, it doesn't matter what version of Windows you choose. The steps are all the same. You can even download three different versions and run three separate VMs in Fusion. 

Windows is available through the Microsoft Imagine program. You can access this service through TEACH:

  • Just like with VMware, after logging in go to the "Microsoft Imagine Login" link under "External Sites".
  • You will be taken to the Microsoft Imagine storefront on the OnTheHub website.
  • Click the "Operating Systems" tab and select the version of Windows you prefer.
  • Click "Add to Cart".
  • Read and accept the license agreement.
  • Click "Check Out".
  • Put in your name and email address and click Next.
  • Click the Download link.
  • As with VMware, your serial number will under "View Details" on the "Orders & Downloads" tab of your Dreamspark account.

You can download Windows XP or Windows 7 here (ENGR account required):

Windows XP with SP3 (Single User) ISO Image
Windows 7 Professional (x86) - DVD (English)

If you want to use a different version of Windows (Vista, 64bit, etc), you will need to do the previous steps and the next two steps from a Windows machine and burn the .iso to a CD (using CD burning software) or copy it to your Mac.

  • Click the Download button. This will download a small .exe file (thus the reason this has to be done from Windows). Save this file to the desktop.
  • Run the file after it is downloaded. This will begin downloading the .iso CD image.

3. Install Windows on VMware Fusion

VMware hosts a number of video tutorials on the VMware Fusion Learning website.