Institutionally owned folders in Box for OSU network storage cloud are great ways for groups of users in the OSU College of Engineering to share files, folders, and data with others. An "institutionally owned" folder will remain on Box, regardless of when users come and go from the university. 

Upon completion of this web form, the College of Engineering IT Team will set up these special folders such that:

  • Faculty or staff sponsors are 'co-owners' with the ability to add/remove content and users.
  • Students, or others, are 'editors' with the ability add/remove content, but not add/remove users.
  • COE IT personnel have access as 'co-owners'.
  • A central OSU account will be the 'owner'. This is important because if the 'owner' is an OSU faculty, student or staff -- when they leave the university, so do all files/folders. 

Three items to keep in mind about the use of Box:

  1. There is no limit to the amount of data that OSU users can store in box.
  2. There is a 15GB maximum individual file size limit.
  3. Files in box are *not* backed up as we do with our other OSU servers. Users may restore versions of files, and may restore from their personal trash cans, but there are not file-system-wide backups as we do with other College of Engineering servers. 

An email will be sent to the faculty sponsor upon set-up of the institutionally owned folder.

Thank you for using Box for OSU!

Name of faculty or staff sponsor.
What will this folder be used for?
This will also be the name of the folder created.
Please provide the ONID usernames of those who will have access to this folder