How long does my account last?

Engineering resources are available for one term after graduation or leaving. This includes access to CoE computer labs, desktops, Linux hosts, and storage on depot, stak, or attic.

  • e.g. if you graduate at the end of spring term, your account stays activated during summer term and is removed during fall term.

More information on account termination can be found here.

How long does my ONID account last?

What to do before leaving

  • Forward Your ONID Email & Let Others Know Your New Address: You'll want to setup a new email account (e.g.,GoogleHotmail or Yahoo!Mail) and forward your OSU email address(es) to that account. To forward your OSU email address:
    1. Login to College of Engineering TEACH with your ENGR ID and password.
    2. Click the link for Email Forwarding.
    3. Login to ONID with your ONID ID and password
    4. Click the link for Email Forwarding.
  • Download and Archive Google:
  • Archive BOX files you own:
  • Archive your One Drive Files:
  • Download and Archive Your Files from Engineering servers: Please be sure to download any files in your ENGR space (Z-drive) or ONID space that you may want to have for the future. 
  • Keep Your Computer Secure! Remember after you leave to keep your operating system and anti-virus software updated!
  • Remove OSU licensed software from your computer: While you're a student at OSU, a variety of licensed software is made available to you for academic use. Now that you are leaving OSU, you need to remove such software from your own computer.
  • Set up Email Forwarding through the Alumni Association (optional): Oregon State University provides a lifetime email forwarding account for alumni. This account is an e-mail forwarding address you can set up to have an "" address. Email sent to this account will be automatically forwarded to another account of your choice. Any graduate of Oregon State University can sign up for this free email alias. Click here to register.