The College of Engineering has a web site that allows students and faculty to get general information about their account and to make simple changes. This page allows you to check on disk quotas for home directories and incoming mail as well as printer quotas. It allows you to change your UNIX and Windows passwords and will also guide you through the process of setting up an email forward to a different account. Furthermore, students can use this site to submit assignments via the web (if configured by the instructor). Faculty can use the site to configure assignments for web submission, generate registration lists for classes, create class directories, and more.

Navigation and usage of the web page is pretty much self-explanatory. Simply go to the TEACH Page and choose "Login to ENGR."

Note that cookies must be enabled in your browser. If you have problems logging into the site, double check that cookies are enabled. If that does not solve the problem, try clearing your browser's cache and/or removing any cookies for

More detailed documentation for faculty:

How To Configure Web Assignment Submission
How To View Current Class Registration List
How To Grant Access to TA's for Web Based Assignments

More detailed documentation for students:

Submitting Assignments via the Web