1. Apple iOS 5 or above device
  2. Connection to OSU wireless network


1. Go to settings and select "Wi-Fi" then tap on the blue "i" to the right of the OSU network you are using (such as OSU_Secure or OSU_Access). Add "" to the search domains (This is necessary to find printers on your iOS device).

ios domain

2. Open Safari. In the address bar, enter (or click the html link while viewing this page with your iOS device). This should bring up an 'install profile' dialogue. Follow prompts to install the app, and a printing app should show up on your screen as an icon.

install profile papercut app


Once you have downloaded the printing app, which uses Papercut, you should be able to select the printing icon on your screen and authenticate your device using your ONID username and password. If you select 'remember me' while authenticating, Papercut will (in theory) remember your iOS device and automatically authenticate it next time you attempt to connect to an engineering printer. You can also authenticate after printing, but please note that any unauthenticated devices show up as a guest account to the printers and are unable to print until they are authenticated. 

To print, simply select the print option while on a document, webpage, or other screen which you would wish to print. Select a printer from the list of available engineering printers, select the number of copies you wish to print, and then confirm the job by clicking the 'print' button. All print jobs will be printed in duplex and you can only print the entire document, so bear this in mind when printing from a mobile device. The ipad and iphone have slightly different printing interfaces, as seen below.

Select Printer

print to papercut

Once a job has been sent to the printer, you can check on its status by selecting the printing app icon. This page also displays the number of pages remaining on your account.
Paper Cut Balance

Removing the App:

Should you decide you do not want this app on your iOS system, here is the suggested way to remove the app:

1. Delete the printing app. Hold your finger down on the app until the x button appears to delete it.

2. Delete the printing profile. Go to settings -> general apps -> profile -> printing -> remove. You need to remove the app FIRST, then delete the profile.