Where do I connect?

Wireless access is available in all College of Engineering buildings:

  • Batcheller Hall
  • Covell Hall
  • Dearborn Hall
  • Gleeson Hall
  • Graf Hall
  • Kearney Hall
  • Kelley Engineering Center
  • Merryfield Hall
  • Owen Hall
  • Rogers Hall
  • Radiation Center
  • Gilmore
  • Wave Lab

How do I connect?

The OSU Wireless network currently supports 802.11g standards and most locations also support 802.11a/n (include all of the College of Engineering). You will need to have a compatible wireless card in order to connect. Also required is a valid ONID account.

See the following link for information on how to connect to the OSU Wireless network: 

Why can't I get to the login page?

If you have a proxy server setup in your web browser (or have it set to automatically detect the proxy), you may be unable to get to the login screen. It will appear to just hang. Disabling the proxy and restarting the web browser should take care of the problem.

Also, make sure your network card is set to get it's IP information from DHCP. That includes DNS servers.

Newer laptops sometimes include a button to turn off the wireless card to conserve battery life. Make sure the wireless card is activated.

How do I get to my home directory?

There are two ways to for you to get to your files.  Windows and Mac computers can mount network file systems. Also, Windows and Mac computers can use SFTP or SCP to copy files between the network and computer.  Linux/Unix computers can use SFTP or SCP to copy files between the network and computer.

For more information about each method go to:

Accessing Engineering File Space using Windows File Sharing

Using SSH

How do I print?

Printing uses standard windows printing. More information is available here.

How do I get help?


If you have problems connecting, or have a question/suggestion, please contact coe.suppor@oregonstate.edu.