SAP2000 is a tool used for creating and analyzing structural models. It offers many features across a single, customizable user interface, allowing engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, or other facilities to generate complex models and run comprehensive tests.


Windows computers and Citrix (CCE/CBEE desktop).

Who Can Use This Software

SAP2000 is available to all College of Engineering students via either Citrix or local installation. It is also available to graduate students on their OSU desktops via Software Center.

Access To Software

There are three ways to access SAP2000:

  • The Citrix CCE/CBEE desktop has SAP2000 installed. Simply connect to the desktop and search for the program in the Windows start menu.
  • It is possible to install a temporary license of SAP2000 on your personal device. See the "Laptop Installation Instructions" below for more information.
  • [ For graduate students only ] Software Center has SAP2000 available for installation on your desktop computer.

Laptop Installation Instructions

The following instructions are for installing SAP2000 on a personal device. The license expires EACH QUARTER.

  1. Download the installer here, and run it when it is finished downloading.
  2. Follow the installer instructions, and select the latest version of SAP2000 when prompted.
  3. When asked for an activation key, enter the information provided here.

Access To Online Portal And Support

CSI (the developer) does not provide direct technical support to students.
Self-support is available via various online resources, such as Watch & Learn Videos and the CSI Knowledge Base
There is a guide for reinstalling the software cleanly if errors arise.