ROADENG is a tool for road design, offering a simple and intuitive approach and focusing on rural infrastructure.


Windows. Also available via Citrix (CCE/CBEE desktop).

Who Can Use This Software

ROADENG is available to all College of Engineering students via either Citrix or local installation.

Access To Software

Enterprise Desktops for faculty and graduate students in Engineering will find the software available for self install via Software Center

Installing ROADENG on a personal device 

This software expires approximately every 90 days, at which time you must download and enter a new code for the software.
We will update this page as new licenses are received from the vendor. 

  1. Download the "ROADENG Civil Engineer" installer from here and run it once downloaded.

  2. Follow the installer instructions.

  3. After installation, open the program. You will be prompted to license the product.

    1. Opening either "RoadEng10 Terrain" or "RoadEng10 Location" will provide the prompt.

  4. Choose "Cloud-based" installation and use the code provided here (OSU sign-in required).


Softree provides documentation for ROADENG, which can be found here.