As of Friday, August 25 2017, the path to engineering home directories has been changed. This will break shortcuts and mapped networked drives on your personal computers and laptops. 

Previously a home directory path looked something like this: 

  • Windows: \\\students\o\ONIDusername 
  • Mac: smb://

Now the new home directory path looks like this: 

  • Windows: \\\users\ONIDusername 
  • Mac: smb://

How does this change affect you?

You will not be able to access your engineering home directory (often referred to as: stak drive, Z-drive, etc) using any shortcuts or mapped drives that used the old path.

You will need to update old shortcuts and mapped drives or create new ones, using the new path.

The required username and password needed to access your home directory has not changed and will be same as what you used before.

Updating your shortcuts


Desktop shortcut

  1. Right click the shortcut and select Properties
  2. In the Shortcut tab the new path to the home directory will go in the Target text box
  3. Change the path that is currenty there to: \\\users\username
  • username is your ONID username

Mapped Drive

To update a mapped drive, you will have to remove the old one and re-map using the new path.

  1. Open This PC by going to your start menu and searching This PC
  2. Right click your mapped drive and select Disconnect
  3. Follow the steps for mapping a network drive here: Accessing Engineering File Space using Windows File Sharing


If you have saved the home directory path, you will need to remove it and save the new path.

Refer to Accessing Engineering File Space using OS X SMB Command for steps on how to connect to your home directory.

Creating new shortcuts

To create new shortcuts refer to the documentation pages for accessing the home directory:

Windows: Accessing Engineering File Space using Windows File Sharing

Mac: Accessing Engineering File Space using OS X SMB Command

For more options: Accessing Engineering File Space