Anyone majoring in engineering or taking Engineering coursework, may have COE engineering computer resources enabled on their ONID account. These resources will provide access to both the Linux and Windows workstations in the college computer labs, access to additional disk space, including research disk space provided by your major professor, free printing,  and specific software applications provided only in the College of Engineering. It is important to note that Citrix desktops and applications specific to Engineering are only available to engineering enabled ONID accounts. 


How to enable COE engineering resources

Go to from any web browser on any computer or mobile device. Below the log in prompt is a link to enable your engineering resources and you will be required to log in using your ONID username and password. Your resources will be activated in a matter of minutes.

Changing Passwords

To change your password for logging into services provided by your engineering resources visit and log in with your ONID username and password.

When will my account resources be terminated?

COE support will terminate resources of all users once they are no longer employed, enrolled, or in a faculty approved affiliation with the College.  Engineering resources are available for one term after graduation or leaving. This includes access to CoE computer labs, desktops, Linux hosts, and storage on depot, stak, or attic.

  • e.g. if you graduate at the end of spring term, your account stays activated during summer term and is removed during fall term.

Resources may also be terminated if COE support determines they are being abused by the user.

COE does not provide lifetime email resources or aliases.

For more help on what to do after leaving OSU visit: