Welcome to the College of Engineering at Oregon State University! COE has a lot of computing resources available for your use, so let's get started!

Before using any of the information here. Please go throught the COE Connect online worksheet first!

In-Person support is available at the OSU Service Desk

1. Accounts

You will need an "engineering enabled" ONID account in COE. To setup your ONID account, you will need to know your Student ID number. If you don't know that information, or just to verify it, you can go to Student Online Services:


For more information on engineering enabled ONID accouts visit: http://it.engineering.oregonstate.edu/about-engineering-enabled-onid-accounts

Your ONID account is the main OSU account used for all email communication. If you don't have that account, you should set that up right now:


ONID is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. More information is available here:


To access your College of Engineering resources, you need to enable your ENGR resources. You can get that at the TEACH website. This site is used to manage all of the ENGR account settings:


Note: Your passwords are very important. They should never be shared with anyone. Never send your password over email. We will never ask for your password.

2. Wireless

OSU offers a campus-wide wireless network called eduroam.  Details for connecting to the wireless network is availble here:


3. Email

Students are encouraged to use their OSU email (username@oregonstate.edu) while at OSU and not forward it to personal accounts.
To check your email, use your browser.

ONID Microsoft Office 365 account website is here: https://outlook.office.com/mail/

If you want to use an email client, you can find instructions here: https://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1935/Portal/KB/?CategoryID=6879

4. Accessing file storage

You have access to file storage space on the Engineering servers. This space is available from anywhere and is backed up nightly. Instructions for connecting your storage is available here:


5. Kumo (Corvallis campus only)

In ENGR labs and remote application sites, you can map your favorite cloud storage using Kumo. Instructions for setting it up are available here:


6. Printing (Corvallis campus only)

You have access to printers in COE and printing is provided for free up to a certain number of pages. For information on connecting and using printers, follow this link:


7. Software

Most of the software you will need is available from our Citrix XenDesktop service. You can run applications on our servers on just about any device from anywhere. Setup instructions are available here:


If needed, there are several software packages available for download by COE students. This includes software from Microsoft, VMware, MathWorks, etc. We maintain the list of software here:


Microsoft Office 365 is now available free of charge.

8. VPN

While off-campus, to be able to access your files and other resources on-campus, you will want to install the VPN client. You can also use VPN while on campus on the wireless network. The installation instructions and installers are available here (ONID account required):

Configuring OSU Secure Data Services (VPN) on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device

9. Lab Computers (Corvallis campus only)

The College of Engineering maintains several computer labs for your use. They are modern desktop machines that include all of the software needed for your coursework. More information about the labs is available here:


10. Getting Help

Every once in a while, you're going to need help with your ENGR account or free software we offer or getting your laptop to function properly.  If you have a problem with your account or have any other questions, you can contact the COE support staff: coe.support@oregonstate.edu

These are the links you will need most often:

ENGR Account management: http://teach.engr.oregonstate.edu
ONID Account management: http://onid.oregonstate.edu
COE Computing pages: http://it.engineering.oregonstate.edu
Free software provided by COE: http://it.engineering.oregonstate.edu/obtain-software-your-personal-computer-or-laptop